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How To Make A Cannabis Pill

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Powdered Cannabis Pills


Make sure you heat your cannabis in a 200 degree for 10 minutes to decarboxylate the THC before grinding.

It will also make the herb more brittle and it will powder more easily.


Weigh the cannabis after drying in the oven. After you make your pills simply divide the weight by the number of pills to establish the dosage.


I've found that the easiest way to powder herbs is in a blender or coffee grinder.


Put your herbs in the grinder and pulse until they are reduced to a fine powder.

Sift this powder through a fine metal strainer to remove small stems and other coarse particles.


When you have a fine even texture put them in a bowl (preferably glass or stainless steel) and add a small quantity of honey or food grade glycerin.


Easy does it when adding the liquid, it will take less than what you would think.

Add a little at a time until you have a slightly sticky that will hold it's shape when you roll it in your hands.


Knead and roll the mixture in your hands until it forms a cohesive mass. Then roll it into a snake just like you used to do in kindergarten.

Be careful to roll this to a uniform thickness, generally you will want the finished pill to be about the size of a pea.


Lay the snake next to a ruler and cut it into pieces as long as they are thick.


Roll the pieces into balls and then dust them with slippery elm powder.


Put them on a cookie sheet and let them dry. If you have a food dehydrator you can put them in that.

Or, if the weather is humid put them in the oven on low heat for a few minutes.


Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator. These can be swallowed or chewed.

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How much is a typical dose, do you use these often, whats the shelf life, do they need to be refrigerated? What, in your experience, is the ratio of bong\vape hits to a pill? Would it be better to use straight keif or hash and decarb that? Thanks!



The dosage would depend on the strength of the strain,each individuals tolerance and the effect desired.


I would try two to start and wait 1 1/2 hours to see how you feel.


If you used kief or hash then you would probably need to add more slippery elm powder or even corn starch as a binder.


As with any natural product it is best to keep refrigerated. I'm not sure about the shelf life.


I would think that they should retain their potency for at least two months in the refrigerator, but I would still recommend small batches.

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