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Should I Change My User Name?

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I have only been on the MMMA site for a short time and I am amazed at the crap MMM Patients are having to deal with.

By now I am sure many here know that I live in WI and am thinking of moving to MI to apply for my card. I have had several members tell me to hold off, that if they had the choice they would get out of MI. Well, I am now seriously considering Oregon or one of the other states that have gone through the initial transaction.


Before I selected my user name I had no idea of the problems MI was going through. I am sure there are many out there that are highly concerned and looking over their shoulder at every turn.

I am wondering if COPPER is one that raises questions so: I wanted to explain how I came up with it.

I had a Beagle years ago that passed from cancer, I got him from a family that had a couple of young kids. Apparently there was a kids movie around that time with yes, a Beagle named Copper and that is all he would come to.

It was also part of my ebay user name Coppertopboat. I used to sell a lot of boat parts and high end vintage audio equipment.

When I had the dog I used to live several blocks from the Eau Claire Wi police station. I remember several times chasing him down the street screaming "Copper get your donkey over here" didn't dawn on me until later that someone may take it wrong. :unsure:

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