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Michigans Choice Clinic?


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http://www.michiganschoice.com/ is the url I have called them they sound legit I asked them a series of ?s such as


How the process is done (in a nutshell) They said to Bring any documents from a MD, Chiro to back up my pain (im gonna bring my Xrays of my back)


Ask them about Confidentially (they gave me a long convo about the laws and whom can see records and laws that are about to be in place reguarding MM


Ask them where i need to send $$ etctec they said where to send it or they can send it all in for me my choice


They said when i go in a doc onsite will do his thing check me over ask questions etc.


my question is has ANYone used these guys? they have a clinic in Detroit.. cost they said would be $250 TOTAL

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Michigan's Choice is a long time contributor to the MMMA. I have never ever received a single complaint about any of their services. All feedback has been of a positive nature. Thanks, Bb


This was the info i was looking for thanks ! I guess I will now proceed with my cert! FYI i think it would be great to set up an area in the forum to post reviews on quality clinics to get certs from (if there is not one already made) to Help future Patients make the right choice for a Cert

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