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Check out this detailed report on C02 extraction.


Detailed report on C02 extraction




The invention relates to the extraction of pharmaceutically active components from plant materials, and more particularly to the preparation of a botanical drug substance (BDS) for incorporation in to a medicament. It also relates to a BDS of given purity, for use in pharmaceutical formulations. In particular it relates to BDS comprising cannabinoids obtained by extraction from cannabis.

This is the most detailed and thorough document I have ever read, and I enjoyed every word of it.


Talk about the ultimate Cannabis extract! Supreme hash oil.


It's funny, though, how I would more than likely much rather just smoke a joint laced with dry sift of the original plant matter =) Something that potent is too much in my opinion. Although, seriously, that is cannabinoid extraction at it's finest, it doesn't get any more detailed or extreme than that.


(edit)It's basically the same document written two different ways, the first half is in lawyer speak, and the second half is in science speak. If you want a court document version read the first half, if you want a lab experiment version, start with the second half.

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seems like a valid idea. BHO has a THC level of 55%-65%. seems consentrating the raw material would have to increase the numbers. in the 70's hash oil was made from pressure cooking hash with alcohol then distilling it off


And boy oh boy there's a flavor I haven't tasted in a while! A guy in my neighborhood had an "Isomerizer machine" that made the magic distilled essential oil so I got to enjoy it many times. I don't believe those Iso machines were under pressure but were run instead, probably for safetly issues, at atmospheric pressure. Nothing more than a nice little overpriced still actually. An essential oil extraction. As I remember it had NO hint of cholorophyll or any other impurities. Had a very crisp zesty almost "spicy flavor" with some deep undernotes.


I've tasted nothing like it since the late 70s. I think the quicker QWIZO and BHO extractions are somewhat safer (certainly safer than perssure cooking alcohol!) and definitely easier. Still vs. Turkey baster. NOT a tough call for quick and simple. No construction skills required.


Time to start studying small stills. Thanks for the inspiration!




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