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Flowering Times?


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I have 5 seeds in question and wondered what you guys know about these and expected realistic flower times? These are mostly indica's I have others that are sativa dominant and wanna what on those. Also they will be under CFL's for a bit then under 198W Power compact with full sunlight and actinic 03 bulbs. Then off to the 400W HPS I realize this is small watts but all I got for now. I will not be flowering all at once of course

TGA subcool- Querkle

TGA subcool- Deep Purple

Female seeds- Purple Power

Dinafem- White widow

TH seeds- Burmese Kush

Thanks for any help

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great advice...these times seem close to harvesting times...and should be used as a guidline....I always use my scope on the trich's to determine prime time....A.M. meds cloudy trich's very little amber...let them go to 30% amber tric's.. P.M.(couchlock) meds I've grown the the same strain and found they mature at a different time(due to a lot of different enviormental differnces...heat,humidity..etc.)

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