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Help Find Info On Purifying

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Hello everyone, I have a friend who is on a spiritual and physical journey and I remembered that someone here posted an article about how to go about re-introducing cannabis for maximum effect after a long cleaning out spell. In other words, after an individual abstains from cannabis for a period of time (I don't recall if it was 30 or 60 or 90 days or whatever was suggested), there is a specific way to re-introduce the medicine to their system. This suggested method was, as far as I can recall, specifically designed to maximize the effects of the medicine and also will promote less of a tolerance building aspect.

Seems like it was BoroBoro or Wild Bill or MightyMightyMezz or EdGlenn or Dizz or someone else that posted but I can't find it and can't recall enough about it to be helpful to my friend. Any thoughts?200px-Spock.jpg

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