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The Theory Of Addiction And The Fact Of Choice.

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An addictive personality seems to me to be a person whom doesn’t understand that the person responsible for making choices for that same person is that person. After all you will NEVER EVER in all of my life or yours, EVER be able to make me mad, sad, glad,bad,happy, or anything at all!


All choices in my life, my mind, my business are mine to make and no one can make them for me. Or you. Or anyone. Simple yes; yet many do not see this simplicity, and they let politicians make a choice for them because they believe they themselves can’t change that simple fact.

George Washington made his choice and all our forefathers said yes to the direction/path he and all his comrades set us upon! We the people must choose, as George did. To be free to choose. You give it up. Some cheatin politician will take your choice and vote himself a $100,000.00 PER YEAR (Duh? WTF?) retirement plan while the same politician will pass a bill to kick your 101 year old grandma out of her 60 + year lived in house, OUT ON HER OLD TIRED ASSETs.


Quit Quittin.

Quitting Choosing is what got us all in the mess we are in. We have so much Poe-Ten-Shuel. Only because we are the FriginG people. We make the rules. They, the cheaters are breaking the rules. Lets kick that assets together, AGAIN! Lets do as George did. Take this country from the Oh-pressers.

$100,000.00 per year to retire.

I would ask GOD to speed up time so I could set myself up in a ship with a full set of body guards to protect me from the choosers whom are pissed the hell off about the bill passed by these greedy-pig-politicians who take from my children's children's children, so they can have all they CHOOSE, and leave the pour souls who know not that THEY HAVE A CHOICE and VOICE about who in politics gets what of OUR Tax’s.

Just Sayin.


p.s. I think George hit the Ganja! And liked it. That mighta turned the table for them! Its been around forever. And its a medicine. And we have tons of receptors for Cannabinoids.

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