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Big J's 707 Journal

Big J

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So I have slimmed everything down to fit in the new closet. I have decided that I will be growing 2 strains. 1 flower, 1 veg, 1 clone for each strain. Much easier to deal with. I am vegging for the 8 to 10 weeks it takes to flower each strain. and I also plan to stagger the grows one finishing each month. Also only growing 2 strains at a time allows me to test the strains to maximize yield, and quality. Changing times of harvest, different, topping styles, different nutes, additives the possibilities will keep me busy for a long time.



So here is what I will be working with this thread will be my first journal for this plant as I have run this plant natural once before I will be topping this one and posible SCROG too. I may have to hold off on the scrog this go round because there might be a move in our future to more friendly environment as well as acerage to have a huge garden. I don't only grow meds I grow everything I can from ornamentals to veggies.


This is a clone from the currently flowering plant took three cuts chose strongest looking of the bunch.




So the other thing that I have done is built new rigs DWC with constant feed or spray double the styles seems to be working insanely well


Here is a pic of the setup on the clone the other is currently on my flowering lady.




run constant and also a DWC. I am using mother plant 2 part system for the veg and House and Gardens aqua flakes with the additives following H&G' schedule. So we will see. The Mother plant I got as a sample before and it work amazing so I chose it again.

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sweet its good to see you back to posting J,glad your back in good spirits bro-you might have to help me build something like that but possibly a 6 bucket set-up.Ill be watching the progress-Kb :thumbsu:


Thanks kind let me know I wanna hang out.


Thanks for Sharing " Big J "


What Strain are you growing ?


What Type of Light System are you using ?


Looking foward to more up-dated photos :thumbsu:


Wow sorry I forgot a few things. The strain is 707 headband. I am running cfl's in the veg room and a 400 watt digital in the flower. I will update as often as I can.

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I have yet to have the OG but 1337green says he tastes her in the mix big time. I am chopping at the bit for her to hurry the hell up and finish already. I have a big girl in flower right now. But I will resist any urge to take her down early. She was a late bloomer for some reason but she is taking off now. At first she just got bushier and bushier I hit her with the shooting powder and buds began last time though she only went 55 days I had heard she would go 75 but after the 55 last time I thought no way. However this girl right here may take her time. but she looks to be on track for a good yield.

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Ok so this morning she got put into her new 5 gallon container I lowered the light to get the nodes to stay as tight as I can.



Here is where I topped her the plan is one more top and maybe a scrog.





Her new digs I still love the IKEA rectangular containers. The light dose not shine on the container like that it is sitting directly in front of the lights so that is why it looks like it does. Wish they offered black in this design they have green but they are smaller containers.





and lastly she is growing like gang busters she filled in real nice in 1 week.



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today is clean up day on the cloner for the love of the gods it has some salt build up but man she does a great job.


Also I had a bit of an issue with her mom in flower she started showing deficiency sign on Thursday check the PH and it had dropped to 4.8 use PH up and the next day it was right back down fixed one more time and it did it again so she got flushed with tap water for 30 minutes re-drained and fresh nutes for the next scheduled week a day early. the yellowing seems to have stopped. H&G says the shooting powder can cause PH drift so I backed off and only gave her 2/3 of the dose this time today the PH is still on 5.8.


I hit her with some magic green foliar and will for the next week. then a week off and back on the next till harvest. She is weird seems like she is a week or so behind on how much she is filling in.

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The tub once positioned under the light gets almost no light passing through it. I have run the same tubs for over a year and have never seen a single sign of algea or sludge. I actually have to pull the plugs to see the water level once the lights are above. I think if I had side lighting it might be an issue. Been thinking of picking up some plastic paint and painting them black. I have been going through and tweeking things now that I have such a small grow.

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jeez, how did i not say anything here, yet? DUH!


BigJ, so glad to see your headband rolls on strong. i know how you love that girl. she is very lovely in her flowers and medicinal effects! I use Physzan20 religiously now. i highly recommend it. Use gloves, as it could tear your skin up pretty bad.


Keep up the great work!

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A little rubbing alcohol took care of the plastic and some water on a rag gave the collars a good scrub clean as a whistle now next time she get really low on water I am gonna Yank the bucket and scrub it down really good. It has such a quick response I seem to have it darn near full all the time with my pepper cuts the Roma tomato cuts and the headband cuts plus when my friend has issues with his rockwool clone not rooting fast enough I throw them in there too have a seriously low failure rate with the areo and the H&G roots ex.

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Well alright moved the timer back 2 hours and took out the middle hour of the 12/1 so we start 12/12 today. I will try and post pics tomorrow. I got really busy with the under canopy and took a ton of stuff out. I also once again changed a few things in the room. Moved my cheap exhaust fan out of the room and just ran hoses in to the light. I have to do some major remodeling after I harvest this time going to make room for the AC unit to be joined to the flower closet right now I have to open the doors to let the ac in so I have to open them every night and close them every morning. Not fun.

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New up date in the new closet in new buckets screen in and I added a new digilux blue spectrum added bulb.


still on 12/1 schedule Now I am not saying they are wrong but with how much slower growing the plants are I am thinking the cost savings is going to be minimal due to longer veg time. We will see. However they look incredible! they are the absolute healthiest I have grown. The sugar was showing some paleness but I added 10 ML of nitrozyme to the 4 gallons of water and she is darkening back up nicely.


here they are




the 707




The sugar kush




Now all my writing is pretty much gone so let the pics begin!










and today we begin flower.10/31/11

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