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Tga Subcool


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Vortex isn't hard to grow....It rocks too! HJ


Right on. I actually did grow two seeds but both turned out male (TGA doesn't sell fem seeds) so I said F it and went back to feminized strains. What I meant was that it's hard to get a decent yield from it, according to SubCool.

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Guest OxXGarfieldXxO

I'd suggest posting in the right section as to not cause staff more work.....Just an idea though....




Kirsten....Message Thequietone or Dr.Tarzan....they can move for you no problem.

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We chose Vortex, Plushberry and Pandoras Box. We will try to figure out how to download pictures. All of the seeds have already sprouted :).

The Plushberry clone we got a while ago looks pretty cool. Its right in front of the AC unit and its already showing some pink. Hopefully getting closer to the original genetic will be even better.

Whoever put this into the "Growroom" thank you. Didn't mean to cause extra work.

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