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Disabled Man Forced To Stand Barefoot In Ant Hill

Guest Medicinal Patient

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Guest Medicinal Patient

I will send this asswipe a letter when he is convicted and sentenced to jail. All disabilities matter. 2grand bond for torture. :growl:




Disabled man forced to stand barefoot in ant hill

AP – 13 hrs ago


PLANT CITY, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say a Florida caretaker forced a mentally disabled man to stand barefoot on fire ant hills as punishment for stealing money.


Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies have charged 21-year-old Quentin Shunell Amos with abuse of a disabled adult.


Authorities say Amos thought the victim stole money from the staff and forced him to place his hands and feet on several ant beds at the Plant City MENTOR group home Sunday. Police say he was bitten multiple times.


Amos was released on $2,000 bond. A telephone listing for him could not be found. A message left for the group home was not immediately returned Thursday.


The state social services department said the home has been investigated five times this year, but no indications of abuse or neglect were found.

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these Protective (child, Adult, disibility, Probation ) agencys are becomming more dispicable by the day.


theyve been there 5 times in 8 months this year, but cant find any sign of abuse? i say they are not looking for it.

same way the Probabtion department had missed that Ezizabeth Smart was held captive in a back yard tent camp, by her attaker/abducter, and was forced to bear him two children, over a period of Years, not months, Years... All while Probabtion Officers were at the front door.



If our Government Wont Protect "We the People" here in the USA, then We the People, need to start Protecting OURSELVES from those wanting to do us harm, as well as our own governments.

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