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Kalamazoo; Need Caregiver


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Hello everyone :)


I'm a registered patient looking for caregivers in the Kalamazoo area; I don't have a car so getting my meds from you might be a bit of a problem.


I am looking for only the HIGHEST QUALITY, ORGANIC is preferred.


I also have a few strains (currently caregiver for self), that I will give to my new caregiver:

Iranian OG (Iranian Autoflower x OG Kush #18) (Dr. Greenthumb)

Colombian Skies (Dr. Greenthumb)

G13 (Dr. Greenthumb)

3rd Dimension (TGA/Subcool)

Ace of Spades (TGA/Subcool)

Purple Widow (Purple Haze x White Widow)


ALSO: I have 2 600w Quantums + 2 Hortilux HPS and 2 off-brand MH for my caregiver to use; THESE WILL BE RETURNED IF I SO CHOOSE. (But if you're growing my bud, that won't be anytime soon ;) )


I need AT LEAST 2 Oz. every month for my stomach conditions.

Remember: Quality and Organic are my two biggest concerns. Also, extractions are highly sought after since I do not prefer smoking, I prefer consuming medibles for direct pain relief.


Please contact me if interested in this offer: Please state if you can drive it to me / meet somewhere close; Price per Oz.; Strains available; Any offers you would like to make (X Oz per month + ____$ Additional Oz) etc; and Info a little info about yourself :)


Much love,


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