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Deaths From Marijuana Vs. 17 Fda-Approved Drugs

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MEDICAL MARIJUANA - Deaths from Marijuana vs. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs


ProCon.org filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the US Food and Drug Administration to get "adverse events," including death, on marijuana and 17 FDA-approved prescription drugs. They tallied the results in a simple chart which, if you have not yet seen, you really should:



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ONLY 17? I'm sure there's more than that. Big pharma puts out deadly products every day, often the cure is worse than the disease. We in the natural care community call what they're in, "the sickness industry." They keep us ill so they can profit. They don't care what happens to us. Look at their stocks, look at their incomes! Now they're trying to regulate and possibly BAN natural supplements. They wanna control everything, they don't want competition. :growl: Mj never killed anyone. I don't need to read the statistics, I've seen reports from deaths in hospitals, too, and I've also seen reports that say mj never killed anyone. There was a time I believed in the pharma drugs, but no more. If I have to take them, it's very rare and ONLY when my problem is so bad nothing else words. I hate putting crap into me.Someone who has caner told me some medication might be making it worse. It wouldn't surprise me. :(


Only 17 huh?



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