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Tigers 2011 Central Division Champs


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This team has depth and heart . Though it is scarey when they forcast good things ahead . I tried to win a playoff spot no luck . Hope World Series tickets are not dependant on winning playoff ones . Keep us posted when that info come out if someone can . Being disabled I am home all day it is just a matter of whether its a good or bad one for me to try to get some tickets . I think I heard they sold out the playoffs in just over a hour .



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I can look at JV record in the past WS

That was 6 years ago.


3 of those 8 were homers by Sandoval (2 of which came from Verlander). Did you see him hit? Both of his homers off Verlander would have been near impossible for most players. One was an inside pitch, and how Sandoval got a piece of it at all, let a lone a homer, was pretty darn good. The 2nd was pretty low and Sandoval still got behind it. To top it off both of those balls were 95+mph. You have to give credit to the kung fu panda.

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