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I Love It When My Patients Make Progress!


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I don't know how every caregiver feels but I know I get rewarded when I hear from my patients that the meds that I supply them with helps them get off of those nasty pills that "real doctors" prescribe them.....I know from personal experience that so called MD's push pills down peoples throats, they tell them things that scare the crap out of them about their health and that the only way to fix it is through the use of this drug or that drug. I'm a veteran and I go to the local Veterans Administration Hospital (when I absolutely have to) when I first got back from my last tour (I did three) and was discharged from the military because of injuries sustained in combat, They had me taking handfuls of pills multiple times a day, and surprise surprise I got hooked on pain pills. Thats when I got help for my addiction (that I had to pay for out of pocket because the VA didnt have a program for opiate addiction in my area). I turned to Medical Marijuana for relief and low and behold IT WORKED! I quit taking ALL the VA prescribed medicines, and I didnt die because of it! Medicines that VA "doctors" had told me that I would have to be on for the rest of my life, I stopped taking and started smoking medical mj. Then when I told them that I didn't want or need their pills they threw a fit! Called me a druggie and everything, when it was THEM that had made me a true druggie. I havent felt better since I started using marijuana.

Now back to why I was writing this post...I have a patient who has almost totally quit taking her "doctor" prescribed narcotics since she began using marijuana. It just puts a smile on my face when I know what hell I went through and knowing that she is getting the same relief I get from this wonderful plant. Sorry for the long post, I didnt intend on writing a novel on this topic. But I just enjoy the reward of helping out another person.

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