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Looking For House Insurance Company

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I'm Looking for a Good House Insurance Company ?


One that may be Marijuana Friendly maybe ?


I know this guy whos house burned down and

he had to jump through ALL KINDS of Hurdles

to get paid ...


The Insurance company made him go buy

everything before they would cut him any checks ?


There would be No way i could afford to do that ....


If my house gets burn down or a tornado ruins my house ,


i want to be paid the amount Ive got it insured for

w/out any hassles ...


We 've had House insurance before and have Never

had Any Insurance claims in the 25 years we've owned

our house ...


I even thought about hiring an Attorney to help me

look at all the FINE PRINT most insurance company have

in their policies ....


We cant pay you becuase you smoke marijuana ...


I don't want to be paying what little money i have to

have a FALSE Protection ...


Plus i would like to get the Correct Value of

what my house is worth and

my personal content assets are worth ?


How would i go about getting that done ?


I just want to get the Best Protection i can find ...


Any help would be appreciated

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My agent is Tamara Whitney from the KA Sutton agency out of Genesee. She's very good and will tell you right up front what she can and cannot cover. Don't be shy, tell her right up front what you've got going on.


She saved us a ton on our homeowners and went to bat for us when we were trying to secure insurance for the lab.


Tell her I sent you!




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Hey Qtipper, he took care of it being a mobile...ITS NOT ANYMORE. Dont you remember seeing posts about Tarzan needing help working on his house. The a xouple weeks later hw had a Thank You party and people were being buttblobs because they didnt get invited. Great Party by the way Tarzan. Anyway, its classified as a house now.


We have homeowners/auto owners insurance too and its went down a third in cost since 2007 and we even have a wood burning stove in our house. Again dont know abput the mmj friendly though.

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Thanks Everyone that Post their Thoughts ....


Sorry it has taken me SO LONG to REPLY ...


Just been So Very Busy ...


Trying to answer everyone PMs ...


and get ready for another Get Together ...


Just NEVER Enough time in the Day trying to keep

Everyone Happy .... Almost Impossible ...


Stress has been almost Unbearable ...


Sure wish i knew how Blueberry does it ?


Plus trying to fine tune my Grow Room back to Winter Mode ...


I'm now running 4066 watts in my small 9x8 Bloom Room


and 431,600 Lumens ..... :thumbsu:


Anyways .. Going to make some calls first thing Monday morning


after i go to the pharmacy to get my blood pressure pills ...

I ran out Friday and forgot to get them replaced ...


Again , Thank You Everyone for your Suggestions ...

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Oh Man Tarzan...you should never let yourself run out of medications especially bp medication...that bunny muffin'll kill you. Just try to stay calm between now and Monday becuz we want you around for a long long time.




Thanks " donnachris "


I know ... But i get So Busy around here and


i try NOT taking it out on Jane ....


She always ends up w/ the Chitty end of the stick ....


Im now up to two packs of cigarettes ....


I'm 70 pounds overweight ...


I should get Insurance on myself ...


But Im SURE i'm HIGH RISK and could'nt afford it anyways ... LOL


I told Jane just to bury me out back in the Pet Cemitary ....

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Time to loose the weight , avoid diabetes and other "fun" crap.


Use smaller plates. I know this is weird but you start eating on those sandwhich size plates and leave the dinner plates int he cupboard. It is a psychological thing . The platelooks full and your mind goes Thats Enough.


Reduce your caloric intake by 20% . I skip a meala day. I still snack at night so I guess I am at the 20% area.


Do not drink sugared pop or juices ever. There is the = of 12 tbs of sugar in a can of non diet pop. At about 300 calries each they can make a person over weight.


Park at the far end of any store parking lot. Forces you to walk


All the above add up and I think if your not doing these things they would have a positive effect on the weight.


Of course there is more one can do but they are not impossible.

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I had my house insured by Great Lakes Mutual, after 3 years they said they were cancelling my policy because it was a high risk area. Never any problems in the neigborhood that I have ever heard about. I called them and asked what they meant by high risk, they said they had someone drive through the area and they reported that it looked high risk. Can't argue with that type of research I geuss. :angry:

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I just went through a large claim for my mom. Her house burned in January. She had Allstate. She had $185k on the structure and $115k on personal property. It cost around a $1k a year. The damage to the structure was $146K they gave us a check for $98k. The rest is called depreciation. But because we had a "replacement" policy. When you are done repairing they will pay up to $146k +20% overages. But you must provide invoices proving what you spent. As far as the personal property, they depreciate that too, they pay 80% and if you spend more than the 80% to replace something you just turn in a copy of the receipt and they pay the differences. The fire was not caused by the "equipment" but they did pay for all of the lights and "equipment" that I had stored in the garage. Hope this helps!

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