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Oakland County Couple Charged In Medical Marijuana Raids Plead Guilty

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A couple who at one time opened their restaurant to medical marijuana patients and were subsequently charged in the 2010 medical marijuana raids each has pleaded guilty as charged this week.<BR itxtNodeId="179"><BR itxtNodeId="178">William and Candace Teichman of White Lake entered pleas before Judge Phyllis McMillen and Judge Rae Lee Chabot, respectively, on Tuesday.<BR itxtNodeId="177"><BR itxtNodeId="176">The couple owned Everybody’s Cafe in Waterford Township, which was raided in August 2010 by the Oakland County’s Narcotics Enforcement Team. Officers also searched the Teichmans’ home.<BR itxtNodeId="175"><BR itxtNodeId="174">They were briefly jailed in March on a bond revocation matter.<BR itxtNodeId="173"><BR itxtNodeId="172">William Teichman pleaded to nine counts Tuesday, many involving the delivery and manufacture of marijuana. Candace also pleaded guilty as charged.<BR itxtNodeId="171"><BR itxtNodeId="170">Both will be sentenced on Oct. 11.<BR itxtNodeId="169"><BR itxtNodeId="168">In June ,a person who had been arrested during the raids was sentenced to jail time, fines and costs, random drug and alcohol testing, outpatient substance abuse treatment and probation.<BR itxtNodeId="167"><BR itxtNodeId="166">A call has been placed to the Teichmans’ attorney Michael Komorn about the case.<BR itxtNodeId="165"><BR itxtNodeId="164">In the case of Candace Teichman, McMillen said she used to live in the same neighborhood as her and that they were in a golf league together. Also, she said her husband, who is an attorney, represented Candace Teichman in a previous divorce.<BR itxtNodeId="163"><BR itxtNodeId="162">McMillen recused herself, and Judge Chabot was assigned to Candace Teichman’s case.






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An exteme waste of tax payer money and community protection resources i.e. LEO.


Everyday I see in the paper that the "good neighborhoods" of Oakland county are being ransacked, and those are the home invasions and robberies that are being reported.


All the folks I talk to in Lake Orion, Oxford, Auburn Hills, Ferndale, Royal Oak, Hazel Park and Madison Heights say that they are on full alert for 'crack heads' stealing anything and everything from unlocked storage sheds and garages.


Where is all this stolon property being sold at?

What's Bouchard doing to shut the Pawn Shops down that fuel this rampant increase in home thefts.


Its all fun and games until Grandma gets killed trying to keep the 'crack head' from staeling her Toro out of her garden shed.....

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