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Lions Blow Out Wow

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We shall see as long as there heads don't get to big and stay heathy.



Huge blowout win!

Think they might be the real deal, as long as Stafford keeps that glass shoulder in good shape. :thumbsu:



I've been a Lions fan for over 40 yrs, and can't remember being on the winning end of such a huge wipeout!:thumbsu:

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Lions 2 and O is truly a wonderful thing . Stafford is a huge quarterback . I am as hopeful for them as I am for the Tigers and Keslowski to win it all representing Michigan . No matter what they have had wonderful seasons .


Been a great year for Michigan Sports so far . Verlander won his 24th today for the tigers who will play Boston in the playoffs . Should be a exciting matchup as Boston won 5/6 games against the Tigers this year .


Nascar was rained out will be on ESPN at Noon tomorrow from Chicagoland .


For a Chance to win a free 2012 Ford Focus Enter the Ford for40mpg.com sweepstakes .You never know you can't win if you don't enter .



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