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Oil Pipes

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Last ones I saw (over 30 years ago) were just a thick clear glass sphere about 3/4" across with a hole at the top and a glass straw attached on the side, so you could draw air through the hole in the sphere, out through the straw.


One would dip a paper clip into oil, then heat the middle so the oil dripped into the glass sphere.


Then, you would flutter your flame on the bottom of the pipe, until the oil started to vap. This is very tricky. Too much heat, and you turn your oil pool into carbon. The trick was to keep it just hot enough to release the vapor.


I have seen newer pipes that have a metal plate on a swing arm. You heat the metal plate with a pocket torch, then swing it towards a shallow bowl that has the oil in it. I haven't used one of these yet, but it may be a better way than the glass sphere pipes.


I suspect the glass sphere pipes are definitely going to be less expensive than the new fancy ones. If you find a source for them, let me know!

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Hydrokare @ (810) 407-8120.

Miller Rd in Flint.

Thanks I'll check them out. These pipes have a hole or holes arounnd the top edge. When filled with oil you heat a seperate glass stem over a tourch, than just touch the top of the oil for an instant vape. It is sorta like useing a vaporizer by has 10 times the effect, If you have been smoking a while and miss just getting blown away sometimes you have to try this. The nice part is there is no waste, no fire to burn up your product. We also tried good hash and it worked also. Not as well as oil. Be careful just 2 heats will have your eyes rollin in your head :D

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