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Ron Paul Won The Cali Debate!

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The straw poll was held in Los Angeles as part of the state GOP’s Fall Convention. Paul garnered 44.9 percent of the vote (374 votes out of 833 cast), 15 percentage points ahead of second-place finisher Gov. Rick Perry, who got 29.3 percent. Former Gov. Mitt Romney came in a distant third at 8.8 percent followed by Rep. Michele Bachmann at 7.7 percent.


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WAY TO GO!:goodjob::goodjob::goodjob::pic::pic:



This is Looking GOOOD for the MM!!

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Heard that about the straw poll. Ron Paul makes sense on some things but he's been vague on some things too. That tea party debate video excerpt with Wolf Blitzer and the 'health care or let em die' thing hurt him a bit. At least he's not an attorney like most of them in office.


I don't vote party but person, and have listened to the Republican candidates hoping some have solutions. That's how I realized a few of them are absolutely crazy. The ones with the craziest ideas are the ones who are most sure of them too. Obvious they don't understand the severity of the problems so would be impossible for them to have any solutions.


We really need to have a stronger 3rd party. A party of, by and for the people. This 2 party 5h!7 is stale. None of the current candidates Dem or Repub have yet convinced me they are worthy of my vote. I'm really hoping one does, and soon.




Peace. :rock:

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I just read This Great News for People who are Convicted of MM possession.


Congressman Paul has stated that the federal government does not possess the authority to establish laws regulating drug possession, and that the federal government was not intended to fight a war on drugs. He has stated that he does not support drug use, but that the role of the federal government is not to regulate behavior. He supports state laws to regulate drugs as each state sees fit.


During the 2008 Presidential election Congressman Paul stated that if elected, he would pardon those in jail for non-violent drug crimes and end the war on drugs. He notes that allowing the safe purchase of drugs would end the drug cartels in other countries and lead to better prevention of drug use by minors as tobacco and alcohol are limited today.






I just Wonder when this policy would take place?




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