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Caregiver Business Question


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Hello, I'm new to all this as a patient and I'm wanting to become a caregiver and start a business out of my home with mediables and a place for my patients to come a relax when they purchase. I was wondering do I need to take any classes to become a caregiver and with growing? Do I need to buy a business plan? How do I go about this? I'm going to check out some shops to see how they do business. Would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you : )

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Welcome aboard...Hope ya got your sea leg's...


How long have you been growing?


Can you/have you ever grown medicinal quality Cannabis?


Do you know how to make various types of medibles in various strengths with differing strains?


What's your back-up plan to supply your Patients if you have a crop failure?


You can't make any profit just recoup expenses for growing.


A Patient has to name you as their CG.


It get's deeper...

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The best thing you can do at this point is to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the Michigan Medical Marijuana law.


The law enforcement community finds the law to be almost completely indecipherable and are very confused.

Therefore it behooves us to be able to explain it clearly when they come knocking at (or kicking down) our doors.


You should discuss any new business venture with a lawyer just to make sure that all your ducks are in a row.

Make sure you find a competent lawyer who is well versed on the MMMA. Many are not.


It would not hurt to have him draw up a contract so both parties, caregiver and patient, know what is expected of them.


You should also be aware that you will be providing medication to sick people and make sure you are able to supply their needs both in quantity and quality.


It is one thing to grow for personal consumption, you can decide for yourself what quality and strength is sufficient for your needs.


It might not matter to you if one grow is a little weaker than the last or if there are a few cat hairs stuck to the buds, but when you supply medicine to someone who may have a weakened immune system everything has to be consistent and top quality.


Remember someone else is relying on you to supply them with what they need to control their medical condition and they don't have the option of running down to the corner drug store if you supply them with substandard meds or can't come through with any when they need it.

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