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Time To Join (Infiltrate) The Tea Party!


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I would like to put forth he idea that we should infiltrate the tea party all over the country. People should go to meetings and steer conversations to the idea of individual freedoms and states rights. Then slowly talk about how it seems that we are wasting money (have the facts !)which could be used to reduce the deficit. (Since that is one of their buttons). I think if this was done nationally, along with the dems. Those running for office would take heed.Then you try to make it an issue that piggybacks on some other hot button issue. Make it into a play against "Obamacare" as they are prone to view the health care legislation.


The tea party is exerting undue influence currently in the Republican Party so I figure if this was done long enough it would become a meme. An idea that travels quickly. To me it is like a teacher who said that for her students they just don't get racism. If a non white goes out with a white just is not even to be given a thought as to the racial mixing. I think we could erode the repressive and unjust ideas that seem to populate much of the right.


This would empower all the people involved to actually move directed change. There are companies who literally pay attractive people to drink at bars and talk up some specific liquor. It was found that it was effective in getting ideas into your target customers.


Same idea.


I have some other ideas but I thought that I would throw this one out for comment.

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For either party this would work. I've built working relationships with my enemies and found that it's easier and they are willing to compromise in order to come up with a solution for the issues at hand. I know tea party members personally and you would be suprise to hear they are very caring compassionate people. In my discussions with them on MM the only comment they made is they would like to see private transfer of medications as opposed to a dispensary. They are a big movement in Michigan. We may have more luck with them if we approach them right.

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