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Looking For Very Potent Diesel Strain For Trade Or Donation


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Hi Everyone, Looking for a few strains mainly a really potent diesel strain. I'd really like some original dayrecker diesel, Wiesel diesel or some ECSD or even some NYC Diesel. What I'm looking for more than anything is a clone only called DeathStar which is nyc diesel crossed with sensi star clone only, Id be happy to pay a very nice donation for this strain and a good donation or trade for any other nice diesel strain.


I had some very good nyc diesel recently and was some of the most potent stuff i have had in a long time and really helped with my back pain. From what I'm reading, some of the deisel strains are also very good for people with high tolerance and this is must for me with my condition. I have had few sour diesels that didnt strike me as potent, but maybye they just werent very good genetics.


For trade right now i have quite a few nice strains. Pre98 Bubba kush, Grape Ape, Canna Colada and Space Crush which are all clone onlys. Also have some very ncie Burmese Kush, Permafrost (alaskan thunderfuck) and Tangerine dream.


If you have any real nice strains for trade besides what I'm looking for let me know. Always looking for something extra specail, perhaps lemon Cake :)

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Guest thequietone

I will be taking cuttings from a 4SD Chemdog 4 crossed with Sour Diesel. I think you will like it. It is quite potent and works very well for pain. I'll keep you in mind when I take cuttings and then we can talk about what I want in trade.

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Guest MosCutty

Oh look my favorite hacker is back. Looking for Death Star, ECSD, how about a Chrome Diesel. Got a love a guy that doesn't participate in the forum unless he's looking to sell or gather cuts for his hack jobs. :goodjob:


An now you've got Perma Frost, and you say it's ATF that's just not true. I'd love to see this PermaFrost "ATF", I'm also still waiting for my pictures of your Pre'98 that came from the sick dude in Colorado....... :thumbsd:




So now you come looking for more cuts, for your work on Bud Trader, pretty lame IMO. Not really apart of this community at all just use it for what you want.


Nice work bro. :thumbsu:



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Truth be told I know mos is a respected person on the forums here and has helped a lot of patients, but on my first post he sent me a message that could easily be taken as a threat which I still have btw. He also felt the need to spam both of my threads in this section in an incredibly rude way, so i dont see how you are so compassionate especially charging 50 to 75 for a cut.



If anyone is lacking character here its you with your ill will and nasty comments when i have done nothing to you. The reason i havnet gotten you a picture is because I've just put this strain in flower and also because you were rude and arrogant to me, therefor I'm really in no hurry to suit you. How old are you btw? Ive been to pleanty of farmers markets started threads on hempy coco buckets to help people find an easy way to grow coco and hydo. I also am not greedy and sell my clones and meds for a very fair price. Ive spoken with blueberry and I'm sure he would disagree with you call me a hack and although I may not be as active a member as you on these forums I am a man of integrity and will not stand for your poo poo.


I have people on here that will also vouch that the perm is legit if its not atf my mistake. I was told by a reliable source it was. I can tell you that its some of the most resinous dense bud I've came across and is one of the best medicinal strains I have.



And scrogg I'm sorry i stood you up man. I was getting a little overwelmed for a bit there with this and work and my anxiety was getting to me. If you are still interested i have a strawberry cough 2 weeks in flower i will sell you to make it right. Its a very nice size plant and would be happy to give you a good deal on it. Let me know and I'll send you some pics.




Oh and moss, just because i dont have time to spend all day in the forums (family to attend to) doesnt mean i dont contribute to the community. I have been smoking pot since you were in diapers and spread the truth of how bad this country is getting messed to anyone that will listen so please just back off!! I believe in unity and i guess you dont flow downt hat path.

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