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Atlanta Compassion Club


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Thanks John ....


I think we have Alot of things to

talk about at tonights meeting ...


Especially w/ all that has happened since

the Rally in Lansing ~ September 7th , 2011 ....


I think it's Very Important that Patients know

we 're trying our best to be there for them ...


It's Not always easy , because there is

So Many things that THREATEN The Patient & Caregivers

Safety & Quality of Life ...


and that's Why We Must Protect Our Circle ( ourselves )


That is the ONLY HOPE we have right now ....


So Many people Fighting over issues that are

literally destroy us as a Group ! ! ! !


Everyone seems to have the Answer ,


But Patients are suffering from other peoples Answers & Actions ...


Many People that are Patients have NO IDEAL

what is happening behind the scenes of the MMMA Act ...


It is getting to the Point that :


it is Almost Impossible to know the truth ,




It does'nt take much in todays World for a person turn againt you


and want to Physically want to Harm You ...


Anyways .. Looking foward to seeing Everyone :bighug:

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What a Great Meeting Tonight ... :goodjob:


We had a Great Group of people ...


I was Amazed at the Support .... :thumbsu:


Im thinking the Rally was positive thing for

Patients and Caregiver to protect our Compassion Clubs ...


At least around here Patients are ...


I can prove that our way works ....


People want to stay Protected ...


I was very prowd of the Support Tonight ....


and i personally thank everyone that was there

for that NEW Patient looking for Support ...


WE WAS THERE FOR THEM ...... :goodjob:


That All I Ask .... Protect our Circle ....


Protect each other ... We teach you how to fight back

and follow the law to the T ....


I found Hope after Tonight ...


Link our Groups Together to keep our

Numbers Strong ... Support other Compassion Clubs...


Help them .... Help the Patients ...


Help the Caregivers to be better Caregivers ...


Help them get Good Patients ... We work together ...


We Support each other , Leave our Laws Alone ... :thumbsu:


Sign those Recall Petitions ... Register to Vote ..


Thank You My Friends :bighug:

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Dr. Tarzan


The meeting was awesome, thanks so much. There were a lot of people there, the growth of the club is amazing; it is good to see. Brian & I were away for a few months due to family illnesses, we were happy to see all the vehicles in the parking lot.


Thanks to you and Jane for your time and dedication.


Brian & Skipper

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I am so happy to be a part of your life and your group Tarzan !

All you folks have done an amazing job ! :thumbsu:


it was wonderful to hear everyone, see so many new folks, and help answer some questions. :D


bottom line?


we are people helping people... :rolleyes:


totally awesome!! :blink:

i am so proud of all you folks over there.....:goodjob:


thanks for all your friendship and support Atlanta Compassion Club !

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