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I Would Like To Thank Blueberry For All Of The Meds He Gave Me For No Money

Guest zigg01

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Joe I personally know you are a good guy and you fight for our rights.Any one thats says Joe is out for money or getting ritch off of patients is a liar.Joe has given me alot of meds for nothing in return since I have met him in 2009.If more people was like that we would have a good comunity.We need more people like Joe I will always have his back.Thank you Joe.

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Joe Cain, Chad, and Michael are American hero's to me, my family, and the Patients and Caregivers of Michigan!


Many in this community are not aware of the fights being put up right now by Joe, Chad, Michael, and many, many others behind the scenes on the behalf of the Medical Cannabis Community.


When the dust settles and we have triumphed...The truth will come out about who was with us, and who turned against us!


And there are going to be many apologetic posts made to the front line fighters known and unknown, who saved us and OUR LAW!!!



A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Joe it just really pisses me off when people say stuff about you that are lies.I read that topic last night when that one person was say bunny muffin about you.Why do they lie about you like that?I personally know you would give the shirt off of your back to some one that needed it.You are the one that I know that stands up for people.You start all of the protests for people that have been wronged.And yet there are idiots out there that say lies to discredit you.I mean your so greedy that in the midel of the knight you drive miles away to help a patient at these high gas prices and dont want any thing in return.I sugest people get to know Joe befor they post lies and moo poo about him.I know I did that to at first because some one told me lies then I woke up and apoligized to Joe and the compassion club and got to know him and found out he is a good guy.He helped me with meds after I had done that to him.And now I know he is one of the best persons I know.And I still feel bad for what I had done 2 years ago.I may not have much gas but Joe if you ever need me for anything you could pick me up.I will always be there for you some how.

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It always warms my heart to see how many people truly appreciate the hard work Joe, Michael, Chad, and others do for us. They have always been kind to me. When I saw the allegations against Bb and Michael, all I could think of was, "What would the politicians, guests and newbies think?" I think those claims go way beyond free speech. If I were a newbie or guest, I wouldn't know what to believe, which is my main point. All I know is, somehow, despite being ill and poor, Bb has done a lot for this community. He always looks so tired, and so does Michael. They spend a lot of time doing all they can for us. When I read their messages, I notice the time they were posted- all hours of the night and day- WHEN do they sleep?


I wish they could take a well deserved vacation, and know someone's keeping things running smoothly in their absence. Bb needs a personal assistant; I'm not qualified for the job so I'm not applying, if there were such a position open. Two people could do it I think; one to help with correspondence, perhaps be a secretary, and one to help by attending some of the meetings and other events. If they had an office, I'd be there if I'm ever able to move closer. This is such a HUGE community, one two, or even three people cannot hold it all together. I'm glad so many of us are able in some way to help in any way we can. I wouldn't want Bb's job.


Thanks to both of you for all you do, as well as Chad and many others. Since I've come here, I've seen more compassion in that short time, (about a year and 1/2), than I've seen in all my life. The world could learn a very valuable lesson from this community. Of course we have misunderstandings and times of anger, we're only human, but somehow we work it out, and if we can't, we just leave it alone.


You are my family. We rallied together and celebrated together, without cpu; that says a LOT. From now on let's have backup in case someone doesn't make it to do their job, OK? I'll come down there a day early and do what I can to help. I WANTED to see the senator I've been corresponding with, to thank him, but I never got the chance. When they reply to me, I thank them. We need to remember to do that when our reps and senators take the time to write back to us, even if we're not sure what they mean by "strengthening the law," we need to keep the lines of communication open and ask them to clarify their position. Bb suggested we call them out on anything they say, even if it's not MM related. I've taken that a step further. Thanks Bb for the inspiration. :thumbsu:


So much of what Bb says has inspired me in my writing. Others here have inspired and helped me, too. If he or Michael were raking in the dough, I seriously doubt they'd spend time helping us. Michael puts that radio show on every week; it costs money to do that, he never asks for a thing. He's so passionate about this law and this community. He and Bb spend more time here than most people would, it doesn't matter what time or day of the week. I'm sure their families get frustrated, but understand. :thumbsu: to the families!


Bb started the farmer's market at great risk. Thankfully all has gone well. If I could've made it, I'd love to find a way to help someone in need have their medicine. At the rally I forgot to give someone some money to pay for a case of water, but somehow I'll make it up to the community; maybe one day someone will need medicine and can't pay, and I'll be able to help them.


When I write to the reps and senators, I share my letters here, in hopes Bb will chime in, because I feel responsible for anything I say. I believe when we write them, we are each representing the community as a whole, so I wanna make sure I say the right things. Bb has been kind enough to read my letters and respond, though he's always busy. Unlike most people who brush me off when I ask for help or just need to talk, Bb always has time for me, and usually, once I get him talking, I can't get him to stop. He's so passionate about this law and this community, and is extremely protective of us. When I care about someone, I'm protective, too, that's why when I saw those accusations, I wanted to scream, put a huge shield around everyone, and stand guard at the door.


It takes a strong person to have the courage to reach out to someone, even if they've hurt him. Actions speak much louder than words. We Are FAMILY. :wub:



Sincerely, Sb :bighug:


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I am so lost with these allegations that have been made against Joe and I dont even know what the CPU is saying,man when you havent been on the board in a few days alot happens and confusing to say the least. But to say that Joe is somehow compromising the patients is ludicrous,insanity. From day one of meeting Joe at steak and shake,I knew I had made a friend for life. To fill his shoes within this movement would be impossible,and Michael and Chad as well,I dont know anyone to take on the fight like this. I only know Joe personally and I can say he lives a humble life and has NEVER wavered on his position on patients first,and has only encouraged us to grow our own medicine when he was our first and only caregiver,because of his mentoring we grow,because of his mentoring we share,because of his mentoring we protest,because of his mentoring we bug the hell out of Lansing,and because of his mentoring we educate. there are only a few ppl I can say have impacted my life and Joe Cain is one of them.

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The allegations are not new, I've seen them before, though only remembered the claims against Bb, but they've been floating around for a year or two.


I love to write, it's an interesting artform. Writing has always been one of my talents. I'm glad I can put my skills to use somewhere, and I really appreciate the compliments given me. :blush: Writing letters is so important so I'm glad I can use my talent to help our community. I remember sometime in March, when Bb was writing his "Nastygram," I noticed his typos. It's not my way to correct a CEO or anyone else, though when we write publicly, meaning, to a rep or someone, in an official situation, where it's business, not just texting to friends, I feel it's important to be sure the spelling and grammar are correct. I'm no expert on this, and I know Bb's fingers disobey him often. I was honored that he allowed me to work on that document for him. It took me over an hour. I showed him where the mistakes were, and if I wasn't sure what he was trying to say, I put a note with my questions. Between the spellchecker and my knowledge, I fixed it up for him. If I had some formal training, I might make a decent secretary. Thanks Bb for letting me help you.


Communication is so important to me, because I've had so many misunderstandings. I vowed to always do my best to speak with a clear message. After having failed at getting my message across properly in countless situations, I found that it's not only what we say but how we say it, I also discovered what a lost art listening is.


What I love about Bb, Michael, Chad, and others here is their willingness to listen. I am truly honored and humbled at the kindness and compassion given to me. It's amazing to know that, despite the pain, suffering, uncertainty, and stress we endure, that many here are so willing to listen and be there for eachother. Many are hurting 24/7, yet rarely complain, do what they can, offering whatever they can, being so supportive and caring. When we help others, we forget our own pain and troubles for awhile, too.


Sincerely, Sb

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