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Mmj Rally In Isabella County Need Someone To Collect Signatures

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" We need some circulators at this protest!! Can any of you come? Please share this event with your friends and post it on your facebook status. If we draw a crowd for it, we could get a bunch of signatures!"


This seems like an easy way to collect a couple hundred signatures, post and I'll contact you with an organizer so you guys can collaborate



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I'm not organizing or taking part in it, but someone that is asked the Recall Bill Schuette group to have some one there collecting signatures.

Protest was possibly the wrong word, here is their exact wording.


A peaceful demonstration to support MI Medical Marijuana patient rights



Last week, the owners of the Weidman compassion club, were raided at their own home. Although, they were well within the amount of plants that could be legally grown by them, the authorities arrested them, claiming that their crop was not in a locked building. The MMMA requires a "closed and locked facility". Their crop was inside a 10 foot fence, that had no gate and it was also covered in green houses. The only access to it, was through the locked house. The crop could not be seen by the public outside the fence. They were growing clearly within their rights. Now, those who they were legally caregiving for, have no access to their meds, and they won't for months, because of the recent court of appeals ruling that has forced dispensories to close down all over the state. The couple has lost their crop and their livelyhood because of what the authorities chose to do. sure that the government and local authorities know who demands that it be withheld. Please stand together with us, during their preliminary hearing, to show our concern for MM patient rights. The citizen's of MI overwhelmingly passed this law, and we need make sure that we continue to protect and defend our rights!



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