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Caregiver Wanted

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i am a 3rd time renewed cardholder and am looking for a caregiver, recently i have stopped working due to my multiple sclerosis has been worseing , i am trying to find a caregiver that is willing to take me on , currently i have a cg and he is been fairly reliable and grows some good meds, our current agreement is 250 an oz of whatever strain he has. currently he has grown, Super Silver Haze, LSD, Bluechees, Grapefruit sour diesl, Northern Pineapple, Northern Lights , Kali Mist, La Confidential.and some others i just cant think of right now. my dilemma is now that i have applied for Social Security i do not have an income coming in. so what i am trying to see if there r any Caregivers that can match or beat the 250 an oz and also willing to donate a minimum of an Oz a month for the right to Grow the plants for me. not trying to be a total douchebag here, but my dilemma is that my currrent cg only gives me meds if i have $ so if im am totally broke, no meds for me. which sux. but it is what it is. currently living in RO and if there wasnt an ordinance i would be a caregiver too. thank you and hope to hear from someone soon

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