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Estimating Costs For Reimbursement .


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I found this for estimating energy costs .Caregivers may have to justify reimbursement amounts and how they come up with them - maybe this will help . I believe the COA would currently uphold no labor is allowed . I can only imagine the the frustration doing taxes with no expenses allowed at the Federal Level and dispensories and patients looking out for their interets . That should push up costs by about 36 % on every dollar reimbursed to cover the taxes that could be required on the activity so one doesn't end up like Al Capone being sent to Alcatraz by a overzealous Federal prosecuted . It would benefit people to discuss this issue hypothetically but you should discuss it and learn from each other . Legislators who read this site may be able to help . But keep it hypothetical and in general terms . Do not give out confidential information past theory to help others like yourself .





BTW if your coming in contact with people with weakened immune systems it is time to consider a flue shot .


Those on Medicare can obtain a 10 year pneumonia vaccine free of charge I believe also . A very good idea as pneumonia often is a complication of surgery and deadly . .

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OOPPs. that is in Euros. to convert the cost. you will need to mulitply the finale euro total, by the current exchange rate (last i was aware, the current exchange rate was near 1.355 US doller/ 1 Euro. to multiply that calculated total, by 1.355, and that will give you the approximate cost in US Dollars.


at 43.58 Euro, my cost in US Dollars would be approximatly 62.00. likewise yours will also be in the same dollar range Tooldini, considering your projected cost in Euros. unless you did the coversion and the cost you posted is in dollars.



note. i just checked. current exchange is 1.35405 Dollar per 1 Euro. so multiply the calcs number by a buck 35. i adjusted reflective cost above.

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it was up to 1.79 for a while near the end of 08. the covnersion was becoming brutal.

1.355 is more doable. but by the end of Clintons term, the cost of Dollar per GBP (Great British Pounds, which is probably most reflective of the now Euro as far as monetary equallity goes) was a mere .56137. the means every dollor was worth nearly Two GBPs (now Euros).


watching our exhance rate with other countries, one can see when America was running a Strong Econmy, and when we are not. This can be the single most detailed account of our overall financial strength world wide. whats interesting is when you take this information (yearly ave currency conversion costs) and analyze them against the policies of our government in corrisponding years (or up to 2 yrs prior to the actual conversion, given the time it can take for a policy to be fully impacted in the world economy, and when it was introduced).


here is a link to the history of the US Dollar, and the corrisponding currency rates from the years 1948 - 2009. http://fx.sauder.ubc.ca/etc/USDpages.pdf

overlay that with the corrisponding presidental terms, allowing a yr or so for full implementation of their agendas/policies, and we can divulde which policys/agendas, truely made America Strong.


this could be a great experiment of relationship of financial powers, and the powers that are changed because of it, or inspite of it.

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