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Victory For Medical Marijuana Storefronts


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More proof of what a committed group of Medical Cannabis advocates can accomplish by remaining focused and never giving up...!!!


Victory For Medical Marijuana Storefronts




BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A big victory for those who support medicinal marijuana storefronts.


That group has succeeded in blocking an ordinance that banned the cooperatives.


County elections Wednesday verified that Kern County Citizens for Patients Rights has collected the 17,000 plus verified signatures to block the ban.


Now, the issue is in the hands of the board of supervisors.


At their meeting next Tuesday, they can repeal their own ordinance or vote to hold a special election or place it on the june primary ballot next year.


County elections said the last time they held a special election in 2009 , it cost the county more than $1 million.


Supervisors passed the ordinance on Aug. 9, along with a limit of twelve on the number of plants that can be grown on a piece of property.


Opponents immediately filed a lawsuit, whiich is pending, and began collecting signatures -- saying Kern County banning medicinal marijuana contradicts the legality of it across the state.

"It doesn't make a lot of sense to have a county by county, city by city regulation," said attorney Philip Ganong. "It's tough on everybody, it's tough on the cities, the counties, the attornies, the patients; most importantly the patients."

Supervisor Ray Watson said in a statement, "that because there could potentially be lawsuits involved... County officials can't comment on the issue until they are briefed by legal counsel... And that won't happen until their meeting on Tuesday."



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Maybe the important thing here is that they went out and collected 17,000+ verified signatures in order to correct an unjust ordinance. They wanted something done and they went out and got it done.


I applaud the citizens of Kern County and their Patient Rights Group. :goodjob:

Good point. :thumbsu: -Sb

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