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Still Walking !

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After 7 years since my Dx of progressive ms, I am still walking ! Making capsules and following the advise of my M.D.'s @ the U of M ( GO BLUE ) , I am beating this disease ! God Bless the plant! Enemies of God,( PIG'S ), scatter and flee !


I'm happy to hear there are some good doctors at UMHS. Congratulations on your wellness.

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It is great when a therapy helps someone and the U of M should be on the cutting edge of cannabis science . I hope this spills over to other departments .and unbiased research . The people I dealt with their made it clear either they or the institution did not accept cannabis as viable either adjunctively or alone . This is truly good to hear . I think the U Of M is very fragmented nowadays and more concerned with statistical populations then individual positive patient outcomes . Their relationship with Phizer seemed to change their direction but maybe now that Phizer is gone more balance will return . I always had thought they were so big you could find open research to match any interest and need . I hope they embrace cannabis going forward . It is just a plant with thousands of years of medicinal use established .


Keep on keeping on glad your doing well .

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