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A Recent Harvest


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Looks good, do you use your fan leaves for anything, or do you just toss them? I am too paranoid about the weight and I cut them all off and dispose of them before I cut my plants. It is too bad I have to feel that way, but law enforcement is so hell bent on nailing people for technicalities that it's not worth it. I would otherwise find a good use for them.

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I took off everything that was dead, yellow or nasty looking for the pic's. she was developing nanners at 9 1/2 weeks and with perpetual harvest I didn't want it to be a hassle



Wow i think i have stressed mine out horribly more than once but she never threw any chaquitas what happened? :unsure:

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Wow i think i have stressed mine out horribly more than once but she never threw any chaquitas what happened? :unsure:

I noticed there were 4 or 5 flowers on the entire plant, none were open. wasn't stressed, just must have been in there longer than I thought. I don't use a calender after the first try on a strain

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Looks killer man, I have some G13 that grows a few nut sacks after 10 weeks, but like you said I know they wern't stressed. I somewhat believe in if you let it go to long in flower the female flower is over, it has atleast half male dna by nature so it pops out its last bit of "testosterone" and a few seeds come out

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My Wonder Haze sometimes yellow leaves and drop off by harvest time, It has plenty of green leaf just like the harvest above. Soil growing can still feed the leaves enough that they don't yellow and drop as much as a hydro grow.


I do cut the sun leaves, the parts of remaining leaves that do not have trichromes on them for hanging to dry. any leaf that is left on the bud usually breaks off as 'shake'. I use a drying rack and not actually hang them.

I also agree, male sex can pop when the plant is left for a late harvest. I wondered, could be stress from being root bound at this point.

I also cut my plants down before the pistils change color, the color change happens during the drying period.


Good job man!



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LongHairBri ....


I am So Very Sorry it has taken

me FORVER to post here ....


I want to let you know that i really

Appreciate you making sure i got a sample

of your Bubba Kush ...


I must say that your Bubba Kush is the

closes thing to the Bubba Kush i grow ....


It has that Special Famous tastes that ONLY

comes from Bubba Kush ... :thumbsu:


Your Bubba Kush had a Medication Value of a 8 +


I did'nt get much of testing material on Nov. 3rd

But i really did Appreciate spending the Day w/ You ...


I was Very Appreciative of your Friendship and

You making Me feel at Home ....


It just seems to be the more i get to Know you

the Better Friendship i have w/ You ....


Just wish we Lived closer to each other

So we could fine tune Bubba together ....


She has been one of the Greatest Plants

Ive ever Grown ....


Again Bri ... Great Job :thumbsu:


Thanks for Sharing w/ Me and Again

Im truely Sorry it took me So Long to Post in your Thread ...


I Love You Brother .... :bighug:


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