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Has anyone ever heard of this?


I just got off of the phone with the company and they claim it works wonderfully.


Supposedly it stops mites and is a fertilizer that increases yeild. Can be used as a foliar spray or in hydro grows etc etc etc.


Additionally, they say that you only need a few drops per ounce, so it lasts a while, however, it is very expensive.


Usually I do not believe claims such as this, but if it does half of what they say then it may be worth the costs, however, I would like to have someone who does not work for the company comment on it, so I dont waste my money on a scam...

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Yeah. I wrote a big write-up about it, and 2 days later, the board was hacked. :-/


It is a Mid-Michigan Innovation Center company that got exclusive licensing from GantacGreen to market exclusively to the Medical Marijuana market.


Some ex-Dow scientists figured out how to efficiently extract the essence of the neem tree, so they end up with a product that is over 90% neem and also water soluble.


Their pricing is definitely out of wack, in my opinion. I won't pay $400 extra per crop.


Still, I'd like to try it. Neem in hydro is a great deterrent to mites, plus all the health benefits it provides to your plants.


Maybe they will adjust their pricing...

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Take a careful look at the web site. The president's degree is in sales/marketing, that should be a clue.


This place has the best neem available in the states. http://www.neemresource.com/

Neem resources neem oil has azadirachtin ppm around 4500, the best around, and that (aza) is what is in those mysterious essences the agent orange chemists are claiming. Aza is good stuff, but not at those prices. The same aza is in aza-mite, azatrol, azamax and so on. Organibliss prices are flat out ridiculous. Although they may be in line with AN's pricing, lol. It appears that they looked around at the market, and seen what growers pay, and decided to cash in.........shredder

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Figured ill chime in here since i was a sceptic, but now have seen numerous benefits from organibliss. Also the price is the same if you buy it as gantacgreen so they didnt really jack up the price for us. The company GantacGreen wouldnt let its product be marketed to mmj growers which is how it got the name organibliss. I can even spray it on freshly cut clones because of how gentle it is, does not nuke or burn plants.

Also i do believe they have adjusted pricing as its around $60 to make 2.5 gallons. They also offer a refund if your a first time buyer that dosent like the results.

Also it wont kill the mites or thrips, just stops them from wanting to eat your crop. They dont recognize it as food anymore.

So to conclude my thoughts..... its not a miracle spray by any means, but my garden will not be without it if i have my way.

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Well its neem essence not oil and is completely water soluble(not sure if thats the same as emulsified).

All the neem oils ive used have left a coating on the plant

Organabliss gets taken in by the plant so that it takes on some of the neem trees resistance to pests/ mold, not sure about disease resistance as thats less common.

I personally love the product since it lets me worry less and is OMRI.

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