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Need Info For Speech

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Hello all, I am doing a persuasive speech in my college speech class soon and was wondering if anyone could point me to some sources. My speech is based on comparative advantages of using cannabis to prescription drugs. I know lots of people have found cannabis to be a more healthy and natural avenue of medication, and there seem to be plenty of knowledgeable people here so I was wondering if some people might be able to help me gather some information.


Thanks, TaintedEvil.

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Thanks to the Original Posters of thesse links, like LHBri and Michael K. All I did was copy & paste :)


Hope they help ya. Wish I had the figures on how many people die from Cannabis (0) each year vs other medications.



Abuse of Painkillers...



Re: using Cannabis to treat Spasticity in MS patients - minimal side effects; could compare that with side effects of prescription muscle relaxers (the traditional treatment for spasticity)




Hard Data on users of medical cannabis (from Cali)




Several studies of Cannabis on various conditions ...





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tainted... good places to begin from the guys listed... what you'll likely come to is too much information & source citations. i'd start with what the core points of what your argument is going to be... the framework... then pick out the source citations to support it. maybe go with an overview of the existing arguments, the context, in a first point, then hit it w the science as a second, then finalize it with the annecdotal evidence of 3 patients positively effected. makes for a good overall presentation w a short time frame... very organized... the simpler, the more effective. peace bro... good luck. ;-)

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