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Dry Ice?


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Co2 is Co2. it ll help.


i understand a 4 hr cycle is a good nature to use when using Co2.


so i would use a piece large enough to last 2 maybe 3 hrs, then cycle around 4 hrs.


dont fully understand the whole process yet, but have got some tidbits of info so far.

but dry ice should work i would think.

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I used dry ice for my first grow back in '83, it works, but it is way too expensive to buy enough to have a significant impact. Much cheaper to use the sugar/yeast method which still will cost more than buying a regulator and a tank. After trying various co2 methods over the years, I have come to the conclusion the cost is not worth the benefit for a small grow. It could be worthwhile with a co2 generator if you were growing in a commercial size greenhouse setup. Using co2 will definitely show an improvement though, impressive but not cost efficient. You would be better off to spend the money on improving airflow through your grow room. (I still fill my tank and use co2 from time to time during flower even though I know it's not worth the cost)

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Plants utilize C02 at a predetermined rate, adding more C02 than it consumes is wasted. unless you build a box to bleed off the c02 at that rate, you might not get a decent cost/work/yield ratio. Is it worth the time and effort?


Now, I am just saying you need to build something to contain and bleed the c02 at the appropriate rate.

I thought about a swamp cooler design, where the dry ice not only cooled the air, but also bled c02 to the plants.


You will need gauges to measure c02 at different points of the room, so this is a experiment that needs to be done right.


good luck



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