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Holder To Answer To Oversight Committe On Fast & Furious


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Updated: Watched E. Himpton Holder continue his denial and stonewalling techniques. Nothing new.



Except, like himself, these practices have been shown to be part of previous administrations' policies. E Himpton H. worked under Janet Reno during the Clinton Administration advising and assisting her with his impeachment proceedings.

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I watched him and I have a different take. He is admitting the mistakes and trying to move forward. The opposition is just dragging it out for political reasons. Time to move on.



He admitted that it was a mistake. However, he continues to contradict evidence that shows he was aware of the operation. How could he not be as AG. This operation started in 2006.


They asked him flat out has Anyone been held responsible - No. EHH


Has he appologized to Agent Terrys' Family - NO !


Accountability is the reason for the investigation. American Citizens are dying at the hands of these 'Rouges'.


Also brought up was the assasination of that Al Alawei also an American Citizen, the guy in Yemen, taken out with a drone attack.



Of course it is America? and you are entitled to your own opinion, for now.

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The $16 Muffin That Wasn’t




Published: October 28, 2011


WASHINGTON — The office of the Justice Department inspector general on Friday retracted its much publicized claim that the agency had spent $16 per breakfast muffin at a conference. And it expressed regret for the “significant negative publicity” for the department and for the hotel that hosted the meeting that resulted from the erroneous finding in a report last month.

NY Times: The $16 Muffin


An interesting thiingamee too is the JIG retired back awhile ago. They have an acting one now, Melson , I think ... They're all playing musical chairs. Only thing is instead of taking one away, they'll throw in three or four more chairs, and call it a day.


Who's on first ? Holders on third headin for home ....

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