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Osage Orange


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Having just gotten a summer mite infestation resolved, I have heard that the Osage orange fruits are a deterrent for spiders and insects. Therefore, I figured that these fruits might keep the spider mites from causing me further problems. Has anybody had any experience with this approach? Have I come up with a miracle cure for these little devils...or am I, foolishly, wasting my time putting these fruits in my grow rooms?

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i have not heard of it. could be interesting.


Chrysanthemum plants naturally produce Pyrethrum, which is used as a insect killer/controller.



i understand, if you use a bit of neem oil, about a teaspoon, mixed with say Pro Teck From Dyna Grow as a emulsifier, then add to the water used to water your plants, the neem will be picked up thru the plant, causing no ill effects, and the mites wont like the flavor any more. not sure if this works or not, havnt tried.


but ive been thinking of getting a chrysanthemum or two as just having the plants near is supposed to work great as i understand.

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