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Kalamazoo Approves Mmj Charter Amendment By 65%

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Hello everyone,

Just a friendly reminder to all the residents of the City of Kalamazoo. There is a vote today and one of the items on the ballot is a measure aimed at making marijuana the lowest level priority possible. While there is controversy to this measure as to how effective it would be at controlling how LEO's enforce marijuana laws, passing the measure would force the city to address the issue. Whatever your view on the issue, please get out and vote today.



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i guess i don't see how this will change anything.


yes, it shows the public may be starting to view mj differently, but how much of the public was actually there? if this were a major election i would have been much more interested in seeing the results.


this won't change dip schuette's mind, only give him more resolve for his task at hand. i really don't like this guy

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Something like this in Eagle Co . might be helpful for the Farmers Market .




This week the town of Eagle and the community's lone medical marijuana dispensary were successful in a settlement negotiation that clears the way for municipal election regarding such operations


On Jan. 3, 2012 Eagle voters will cast ballots about the future of medical marijuana dispensaries in the community. According to the terms of the settlement, Sweet Leaf Pioneer will remain open pending the outcome of the vote


“We are very excited to be able to stay open until the Jan. 3 election. The community was a huge support and we want to thank them,” said Dieneka Manzanares of the Sweet Leaf Pioneer.


Earlier this month, Sweet Leaf turned in enough valid petition signatures to call for an election in Eagle regarding the medical marijuana issue. Sweet Leaf Pioneer owner Dave Manzanares also filed a lawsuit in Eagle County District Court seeking an injunction against a town board-approved ban of medical marijuana businesses in Eagle. The lawsuit contained several appeals for damages.


As part of the settlement agreement, Sweet Leaf Pioneer has abandoned its damages claims in exchange for the ability to remain open pending the vote.


“Any time the town gets sued, we look at the practical issues of the litigation,” said Eagle Mayor Ed Woodland. “It just made more sense to allow them to stay open until the election and in exchange for staying open, they abandoned their claims for damages.”

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