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One of the things that helps in a public forum, is to get to know a little about each other. Since I am pretty active in the MMMP, I figured I might as well give a proper introduction.


gallery_15246_564_8563.jpg - sorry about the 'universal greeting', the middle finger. Its work related.


gallery_15246_564_79875.jpg Ah the fun days of crawling around, pulling wire, carrying heavy servers.


I worked loss prevent for Best Buy, Crowd Control for the Palace and DTE center (Pine knob). Private community patrol (beach patrol!) bicycle patrol, fairs, etc. I am famous for several cases, including catching a sex offender at Macomb College, and recovering a stolen Salvador Dali painting. Again, I was the right man, in the right place at the right time - with a marijuana secret.


I am a patient who started out with a CG, but now grows for myself. I joined the MMMP back in October 2009. I actually joined a CC club first, the Macomb Oakland Compassion Club - as they showed me how to get started. I was legal with paperwork by November. My disability is somewhat recent, while all my life I had hearing and vertigo issues, I also had chronic pain from several injuries to my back. I recently lost my job, and filed for disability instead of unemployment. Marijuana helps my vertigo, there are no pills or treatments for vertigo. It helps with the daily grind of chronic pain as well. Having a CG allowed me to first start the MMMP searching for what kinds of strains would help me, the social events, farmer's markets the MOCC had, helped me try various strains. These were not 'pot parties', this was important for me to examine and test other strains.






My prior work experience was armed, unarmed security, computer network tech, nurse tech in a large hospital on a cardiac unit, crime lab assistant, college student of 7+ years. I enjoyed mtn biking off road, Japanese martial arts, hiking - I was pretty active until my vertigo got worst. I had smoked marijuana before it became legal, hiding it from everyone, including girlfriends. It took a while before I connected the medical side of marijuana, with how it helped me eat, sleep, be less stressed, and keep a positive outlook on life. My job, my friends - made it very hard to use marijuana. I did not have many friends I smoked with, in fact I smoked alone very often. I worked jobs that would have immediately fired me as marijuana and work ethics don't mix. The funny thing - in each of my jobs I was the best employee, the hardest working, the most clear headed, logical common sense guy everyone wanted on the job. I got raises, promotions, bonuses, and great reputation - but no one knew my secret.




Since I started medical use, I stopped drinking alcohol. I realize I was drinking alcohol for treating pain, depression, and anxiety. With a steady supply of medical marijuana, I found I could shape my life to be healthier. Drinking alcohol as medicine is just wrong.

My pill use is declining, and that is good because pills kill my appetite, my motivation, my creativity.


As a geek, I made sure I learned everything I could about the MMMP, the laws, growing, the facts about marijuana, and I learned from patients, CGs, and the public about how it effects them.

hands-on learning is the best, learning with other growers is the best, and never think you know everything because it is a constant learning process.








I have also been pretty active in the community, it is part learning process and part therapy, and in part because I believe we do have a viable medical solution.






I figure I now have about 14 or more personal grows under my belt, and I have consulted on so many grows now. There is no one specific way to grow, there is no one perfect technique to grow.


I have met both good and bad people in this movement. Criminals of course attracted to money and weak people. There were some sick people with narrow POV on life, that need more than any help I could offer. There were egos, petty BS, politics - but I tried to stay clear of them.

I generally feel positive about the majority of people in this arena - most people do believe in patients helping patients, supporting CGs that help patients.


People should use their past work experience to help the MMMP.



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ha! cindy - yes I am married too. I am blessed with a smart wife. I also had to educate my wife about the MMMP. Her experience with marijuana was negative, bad parents that partied. So I had to use pictures and my own health as means to show why she should support medical use. She does not smoke or drink herself.


We can still hang cindy! ; )



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As a geek, I made sure I learned everything I could about the MMMP, the laws, growing, the facts about marijuana, and I learned from patients, CGs, and the public about how it effects them.

hands-on learning is the best, learning with other growers is the best, and never think you know everything because it is a constant learning process.




Good stuff DN.

Way to get your geek on!


Its all about:




Continous Improvement


Have a righteous day :thumbsu:

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I am glad you found something that makes you happy while you go through federal court for disability . It is tough to find peace when you no longer can rely on your body . It sounds like your still fighting , thats good . When you get to acceptance it seems harder though the cannabis helps allot to maintain quality of life and focus on getting the important daily tasks done like brushing your teeth , bathing or even dealing with those whose reality is suspicious of yours . Have a great day .


Ps Politicians have to realize nice grows like that are the exception not the rule for many sick people trying to keep non interrupted supply of medical grade strength that is properly cured .

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WoW .....


Very Nice Introduction ....


I really Appreciate you sharing such

personal information ...


For Me , its shows True Character ...


I've not had Alot of time to get to know you ...


We have meet a few times in the last few months

because God has blessed me w/ the ability to be there ...


We do Live many miles apart and

makes it harder to know someone ...


Maybe one Day you and the Wife can make it up to the

Big White North and Jane and I will Cook Dinner for You ...


Jane does NOT DRINK or MEDICATE ...


She's just Natural High on Life ...


We're Not Rich w/ Cash ...


We live in a Small house that looks Beautiful

Thanks to Mibrain Labor ....


But we'd love to have You over one day :thumbsu:


I can Guarantee I 'll keep You Pain Free ...


I 'll even help w/ Gas if it that 'll help ?


Again ... Thanks for Sharing ....


Get out on Skype ... We can talk more


Maybe introduce you to a few of my Friends

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hype, real, stereotype, your words.


Many of us are real, many of us are not the stereotype, I think many of us have met or interacted with each other at rallies and events - and we barely know each other.


In this movement there are not really any leaders, everyone does what they want and how they want. Somehow we made this work in large events, we coordinated without really dictating to each other. We are an army of individual minds, fighting the same battle, but with different tactics and battle fronts. Some of us fight alone, some of us have our own teams, squads, and platoons even.


There are very few movements going on - on a grass-roots level, where people are able to band together, to unite for a cause. We have accomplished something extraordinary - people uniting over a belief, a vision. I believe we can connect with society by acknowledging our disabilities, our sickness, our weaknesses. Despite harassment by government, LEO, and society- we are people making a stand. This is why we should all be proud of each other, why we need to respect each other.


This forum is just like the MMMP, it is a process, everchanging, not quite developed, and certainly, unstoppable. The forum will be shaped by people who will look at it as a mirror - be real, say it as it is, and look yourself in the eye.


Go ahead, write your introduction. Its time we met.



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  • 1 month later...

Remember life is a process. It seems like I never stood still for a moment, I never got to stand or lay around for too long, everything was always changing. Life is not something you can grasp or hold, but something you chase after.


I wish the MMMP was the way it was 2 years ago. It was back in October/November when I finally joined the MMMP process. Things were looking bright and hopeful, it was exciting because we thought finally patients had some recognition and marijuana was finally being on the way to being accepted as a legitimate powerful medicine. Things made sense back then too, people were talking about marijuana as a organic alternative to synthetic pills. People were talking about the MMMP as a chance for patients and caregivers to finally gain control over their own healthcare. We still have the same issues of patients looking for a good CG, patients looking for meds - as we did back then. But back then, P2P was accepted as 'medical use' - because no courts had defined it. LEO had left us mostly alone, as they did not know what to do either. I think when I joined - there had to been only 38,000 applications in the MDCH program.


Now, there are about 205,423 original and renewal applications received since April 6, 2009. 126,912 patient registrations issued. Back in 2009 - many leaders estimated that we would 'top out' at 50,000 applications.


The sad thing is - now I look at the timeline, the number of applications in the system, and then the progress we have made.


The MMMP you have to realize had no real leaders, no real direction or organization - we started with no guidelines except the words of the MMMP and the current laws. It took people getting arrested like bob and torey, the Teichmanns, various clubs and dispensaries being raided- where courts started to examine the MMMAct and define sections of it - not just for LEO, but for its patients and CGs.


The progress while it does seem negative as no one likes rules or everyone wants to debate the rules to be in their favor - I still think the MMMP will work. I still think despite the COA rulings on P2P, on distribution, or co-ops - that we can still make the MMMP a compassionate medical marijuana program.


I know no one likes discussing the rules, law,etc - some of you might have mistaken my education as being negative when I point out how the law works. But really I am trying to point out many solutions to the issues of patients helping patients, patients looking for meds, a CG, etc. Some people tend to get too wound up or narrow focused on the bad news, that they can't see beyond it to a positive solution.


Look - really what it is coming down to is LEO wants this MMMP to be more private. They seem to be attacking large scale operations that charged a lot of money for patients to parcipate in. They seemed to have gone after people who shipped in multikilos of marijuana from out of state. They seem upset at doctors who never saw their patient or even gave a courtesy examination. They seem to be upset at patients who got cards not because of illness, but because they saw the program as a end run to legalization of recreational use.


If you take away the negative part of what I wrote above, and look at the positive part -

They seem to leave legitimate patients and CGs who have small grows properly secured at home. The smaller and more private you are, the less likely you will have any LEO problems. We have seen plenty of cases where patients and CGs had their grows 'inspected' due to a smell, nosy neighbor, maybe a house fire - and LEO left them alone. We have seen cases of where people were stopped while driving with marijuana, and let go. LEO does show some compassion to the legitimate patients and caregivers. The Michigan court defined THC metabolites - so patients can drive. Some judges are standing up - that perhaps states should have a right to govern themselves - free from federal harassment. As we educate society about medical use of marijuana, we gain more acceptance. And we certainly have developed a large community of MM users.


Sort of like the glass half full, you can see what you choose to see - half empty, or half full. The MMMP has been a wild ride, despite some set backs, it is still progress.


When we discuss the laws, I know it sounds like bad news - but the point is to educate you, so you stay out of jail, don't get ripped off, so you can enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana, and social events for people just like you. When people try to debate the law - to bend it to their wishes - it puts people at risk. I tried to use actual sections of legitimate documents to show how it all connects together. I try to keep my opinion or wish out of such a serious conversation. I know some people tend to have a narrow POV of me, that they dislike me because of discussions about the MMMP law. I did not expect to be popular, the goal was to help people, not myself.



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I love the outdoor wire and plastic cage, the green bulb in the director's chair! RightON DN, and Bongo!


The best part of that outdoor grow photo - the local PD did find it. Who could blame them, the plants grew to about 16' - double the hight of a wooden privacy fence. The plants were still enclosed by a chainlink cage - top and sides. The sides were 16' tall. The police came and found a double set of privacy fencing, the chainlink fence, a very large dog and young male patient who was residing there for 24/7 security. They did the routine, counted plants, asked for the cards - and called the MDCH.


They handed the cards back, and were more interested in how the plants got so BIG. The grow successfully made it to harvest. This grow was done about 2 streets off a main street in a busy town.


Success stories are out there.



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