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Hello Everyone


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Hello everyone, I'm glad to find this site. I am a card-carrying med user, trying to grow my own meds. I had one quite successful grow,

and now I am trying to overcome some issues and get good at growing. I obtained my script for back and hip problems, deteriorating bones and arthritis, but have used cannabis for many years to help control severe depression issues.


I am pretty isolated, and don't really know other growers, so I'll be doing a lot of reading and learning!



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Hello Liz,

welcome to the 3MA forum, we are happy to have you here. There is lots of good growing information to get here and many very helpful people that will go out of their way to help you. You are in the right place, if you have any questions, someone here should have the answer.

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Liz - this forum is a good start. I use books and hands on to learn about growing too.

I have visited so many grows now, I can tell you- there is no one way to grow!


Dealing with grow issues is a part of learning - I have successfully fought Powdery Mildew and mites. I have seen various problems caused by heat, humidity, and poor lighting.


A club near you can help with teaching events, demonstrations, and hopefully a farmer's market or network of members you can privately meet to obtain meds or clones. You might get invited to check out a grow, or find a consult to visit your grow.


Take your time, there is a lot to learn, but it will be fun too!



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