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I hope that I am posting this in the right forum - furthermore I hope that this is an acceptable question to ask on the forums.......


I am a certified CG and I want to start growing medicine however, I don't have access to any clones. Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding good clones in the Grand Rapids area?



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Welcome to the 3MA. to get to the point, your post is fine, though somewhat in the incorrect area. your good in this part as questioning how to get genetics, but we have a General Services area, where one can post up want ads seeking genetics, whether specific or just in general.



click on forum. scroll towards the bottom, you ll see a General Services area.

in that area, you ll find Caregiver Services. find the stickied thread near the top on the rules for posting a thread in this area. make your thread and follow the rules and you ll be fine.


generally in a seeking genetics thread, we leave them open as to discuss what type of genetics are sought, or what is best suited for the ailments one is treating.


Im sure someone here will be able to get you sorted. Being new as you know is going to be a bit of the trick.

I assume you have your CG Card associating a patient to you thru the MMMP, or are you a patient with plant possesion rights and no assigned patients yet?

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