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I Cannot Stand That Billshooty

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WTF is wrong with that human phalis? Has he spent too much time inside someones anus or what? I was just busted last night by funkin cops that did nothing but funkin quote that less that human. I had to sit my donkey in jail overnight and then all day today until they got around to arraigning me and setting bail. I sat my arse in the Oakland county jail for 20fuckin hours and not only that but that place is freezing. I am from Houghton and had to get someone to drive from here to there to get me out. I want to know what we can do to boot this focker out of office NOW!!!!!!!


Anyways I'm here to ask for someone to tell me a name of a good lwer in the oaklund area. I want the best money can buy so please tell me. I was compleetly legal and had 3 cards and paperwork for 2 others and had the right amount of grass. This is total crapola. This wastes my time and money and made me loose a day at work. I am very mad right now.


They charge me with 2 counts of manufacturing and delivering how can they do that? They also charged me with resisting I guess because I was loud but I never really resisted much. If this is Michigan and Michigan is still in the USA how can this happen? I thought having the paperwork was good as gold. WTF?


Is there anyone here I can talk to privately to get some advice and talk about the detales because I don't want to have to do it in public forums.


I am so pissed off and I used to be lazy about activism but now I'm going to go at this assmeat full force. I want to rearrange a protest so who is with me?

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I have a preliminary examination next week so nothing happened yet. I talked to a lawyer near me but I need one down in Oakland County because the one here would charge me for the 4 hour round trip drive. So if anyone has suggestions I'd like that. But I will post an update next week but I really don't know how this could or should be happening because I am legal all the way around. This is just so wrong and bad that someone legal has to go threw this.

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BS is filling law enforcement and local governments heads heads with lies, and since he is ag they are following his instructions. This criminal should be thrown out of office. The seminars he is giving should be entitled "circumventing the medical marijuana act, how to prosecute without cause" I cannot believe he is getting away with this tyranny and no one is stopping him. How can an elected official openly break the law like this and get away with it? I never thought I would see the day that someone would not only get away with this type of crime, but no one in government is even challenging him. We need a major change in our elected officials, that is for sure.

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