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Some In Law Enforcement Agree With Legalized Pot

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Some In Law Enforcement Agree With Legalized Pot


Watching the continuing flap over the medical marijuana law, one might assume that Attorney General Bill Schuette has the entire law enforcement community in his corner. It turns out he does not.


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is a national organization comprised of "criminal justice professionals" who are pushing the debate on drug policy, "so that options like legalization are now on the table for serious discussion," according to the group's media relations director Tom Angell.


Angell lists a membership that includes the police, prosecutors, judges, FBI/DEA agents and "others around the world who are working to legalize and regulate all drugs." This movement he says is based on what these officials saw while on the "front lines of the war on drugs."


The roster includes the former Seattle chief of police, a 33-year veteran in the Maryland State Police, a anti-narcotics agent with 30 years experience working along the nation's southern border and a retired California Superior Court Judge along with prison wardens.


One person with Michigan roots is Richard Renfro, who is a retired IRS criminal division agent with 25 years at the agency. Renfro said he once supported "harsh punishments for drug traffickers," but now he said harsher laws have increased profits for criminals.


"Police and educators should work together to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline," he said.


Renfro is slated to appear on the Off the Record broadcast on Dec. 9.



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