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Why Is The "are You A Patient In Need Of Meds?" Thread Suddenly Locked?

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i may of inadvertantly locked it when i was closing old threads in that area.


let me take a look and see. i though i opened it up but maybe i missed it.


ok having issue locating the thread. i though it was in CG Services area. but i cant find it with the search function... i ll have check the forum area for it.

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The public thread of "are you in need" is actually going to turn into the "Verified" area - this will help cut down on spammers who only visit the site to sell 'dope'.


Due to the recent COA on P2P, the staff just felt that a more secure forum should be used now.


In Progress.



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I respect the idea of the verified members area. It is a great idea, but your comment makes you look like a dope.


You call it selling dope, others call it transferring medicine to patients in need.


All you guys are doing is making it harder for anybody outside your VIP area and Farmers Market to get meds. Big surprise.

seriously bro? this is to protect our members from arrest. if your looking for the Wild West of med sales there's always budtrader, craigslist or metrotimes. surely you can understand, we're trying to be above that

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Jay420. the Verified part of the site is accessable by a member being vouched for by those that have access.


you will need to have 2 people or a Mod who can vouche that your a legal patient or caregiver, proper paperwork/card is in hand, not expired, and are confident your not some undercover... history with folks is important here.


understand this isnt not ment to make it harder, but fact is, if its easy, and anyone can get simple access, then why even have it?



to offer safe access, you have to know the person you are working with is safe, and not a UC Leo or plain old snitch.


What area are you in Jay?

Us mods will do what we can to help verify those new to the site, or those that dont know others here... this will likely involve atleast one face to face meeting so we can see and verify card, name is correct, ie, you are the person your MMMP card says you are... and we can then make the determination as needed.


We are trying to work very Hard to help those CG and Patient Members to be able to get safe access to meds, clones, seeds ect.


but we arnt Craigslist or TCH finder. We care about your safety, and that goes to every member.

if you want to get verified to gain access to the secure section, meet with 2 other members that will vouch for you, or meet with one of the Mods/Admins here so we can verify your legal standing where the MMM Act is concerned.


its that simple.

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