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What Video Games Are You Currently Playing?


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I can not find the old thread, and not for lack of trying. So I will start anew!

I just got finished with:

It was AMAZING! I can not say enough good things about this title! One of the best games I have ever played.


I am now playing:

Also a fantastic game. Like it's predecessors it starts out a little slow however. But once it gets going it is truly a beautiful and immersing game, you are part of a world in this one. It has many moments that make your jaw drop, but getting there can sometimes be a little slow. I did not like the previous 4 titles for that reason. But this one is far superior.

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I usually wait until games are one or two years old so the price comes down. I've only ever played two games I thought were worth full price, the original Halo and GTA IV.


Currently playing Red Dead Redemption when I have the time. I bought Fallout 3 because everyone I know just loves it. It was one of most boring games I've ever played.


Arkham City looks really fun.

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Skyrim - Awesome game. Best RPG to date in my opinion. Way better than fallout and oblivion.


MW3 - pretty good, worth playing. Multiplayer is a bit addictive.



Edit for Diablo 3. Ive been waiting for this game for ages it seems. I've been playing since I was able to play the original Diablo on a super old Mac computer back in the day.

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Halo come and me wann go home.. hay.. he said hay..... he said haaalooooooo halo come an me wan go home..ta play we play we play haaloooo



i have been playing it since i tried it the first time.. lol i am hooked..


big team battle..fun fun


add me if u might lol




fyi i suck lol but i am a lot of fun to play with


i just grabbed the new remix original halo. it was released a few days ago, maybe a week now LOL but i am about to try it finally tonight.

the first one i played online though was gears of war.. and i also picked up the new GOW3 to try this weekend...

i love cuttin me some beaches with the saw yo LOL

gonna stick ya...




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