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Janes Birthday Flowers

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You really did it Doc, if the missus sees this I'm in deep moo poo.:mellow:



Seriously......very nice flowers, bet Jane was thrilled!



All right guys.....this is how ya do it.


Thanks " 'TajMahal'


This December will be almost 39 years w/ Jane ...


I've always bought Flowers for Jane ...


I buy flowers for Alot of my Friends ...


I don't believe in buying flowrers for someone Funeral ...


I buy them for people to see and smell while their Alive ... :bighug:

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you men always think that we deserve more but all we want is you men. why i haven't been able to figure out yet...lol just kidding i love my husband more than words can say so as far as flowers, thanks but no thanks I would rather he keep doing what he does its more than I could ever thank him for and far more than I deserve.

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