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Maple Leaf Indica


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The attitude, a few years back. Also ran their Skunk #1, Silver Haze #9, Ed's PHET, and Super Skunk. All watered down from what I recall from once upon a time. Real talk, Sensi is overpriced gambling anymore. Everything is stable bs versions of once was. Don't waste your time or money man!!! If anything check out White Label. They still have some of the original lines at half the price. Go figure since they're sister companies lol.


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Strange, there seems there's variance then...



I got them a few months back from Seed Boutique. Yea, Sensi Seeds appears to have failed to keep their lines clean and all that. The MLI is an exception to that. I asked a long time grower about the MLI on another forum and he said it is just as it was 10 years or so back. He also said some of the other lines from Sensi had suffered during that time.


I had 100% germination and stable phenos, although 1 is a standout in potency. Compact xmas tree look to it, if you should grow them. The others were more branchy but not terribly different.

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