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Clubs In The Traverse City/benzie Area?


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Licensed Caregiver looking for local clubs to get more involved in- anyone know of any groups/meetings in the area? Any info would be great!





Place for education,health and welfare according

to the MMMP current laws of the state.

Grand Traverse Compassionate Connection


207 Grandview Pkwy.


Suite 101


Traverse City , Michigan

farmers market in tc....

mon 7-9 weds 7-8 public forum market at 8-9 fri at 6-9pm

weds are best in MHO. office ph number 231-883-4200.

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I know for a fact the GTCC is no longer at their former grandview location. I do not know if they are meeting elsewhere. There are several compassion centers located in TC. Great Lakes Helping hands has just recently opened up in the former location of Bay medical Collective on Garfield. And there is the center for compassion in the former Copy shop on front street. There are also several other private membership clubs.

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Everything shut down after Shuettes dog and pony show was here in Nov. (2 weeks to the day later). The only ones in T.C is G.L. Helping Hands-( Acme & Garfield Ave.) and then there is one in the warehouse district above brewery..Everyone else IS CLOSED ! There is nothing else going on except for Benzie Co. They at least have monthly "pot" lucks and what not. Need to contact Rev. Steve Thompson (e.d. for benzie co. norml) for more info. I barely live in Leelanau Co, Grand Traverse Co is accross the rd. & I have a mailing of Traverse City, but have to join Benzie Co. for any info on anything pertaining to Cannabis. Pretty bad when I have to travel 64 miles one way to partake in anything related to cannabis.....when all I would have to do is travel 3 miles to T.C. Wish I had better news :(

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