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Spider Mite Information?


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I have dealt with them in the past and am very close to having them beat. What I'm looking for though isn't a spray or oil, I'm looking for an in depth scientific book to understand these little devils. I'd like it to contain reproductive patterns, egg cycles, diet, survivability in different environments, and other information. Does anyone know of anything along these lines such as a book, published study, online website?

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interesting for sure..


considering the level of toxicity reduction the 2 spotted mite has, one has to wonder what, if any of those lessons can be learned to increase our own detoxing ability..



could you imagine. someone allergic to peanuts or shell fish no longer. allergic to pennicillin, like myself. perhaps no longer.


this could have far more reacing impact than simply getting them off the plants.....


on an evil note, they could be modified to start being canabalistic, or even programmed and tolerated to eat us....





the Brain

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