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Fun With Bill's Fb Page

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No, no, its not like that....


Much like the DEA and ATF have to work for the Mexican Drug Cartels in order to "infiltrate" the Cartels organizations to "understand" how the Cartels work in order to finally bring the Cartels "down" once and for all, so goes Bill Schuette "cozying up" with Hezbollah and most likely other terrorist groups.


Bill Schuette should have very good relations with groups who wish to do harm to Americans on American soil, as Bill Schuette is part of a multi-generational operation to poison that American soil and to break the spirits of the Americans who walk on that soil.


I would venture to posit that Bill Schuette and his handlers at DOW Chemical have done more direct harm to more Americans than any foreign terrorist group could ever hope to inflict, there by allowing Bill Schuette to "get in close" with those foreign terrorist to lay the groundwork for the bringing down terrorism once and for all...


Yeah, that's the ticket, Bill Schuette is a double, no wait, a triple, no no, a quadruple agent in the war on terror, yeah that's the ticket.

And his wife is Morgan Fairchild, who doesn't mind at all wearing a strap-on d(oops, sorry, that slipped in from court transcripts regarding behavior of Oakland County Sharifs with under-age prostitutes in the back rooms of bars, but this rant is not about Oakland County Sharifs and their enforcement of Oakland County Sharia Law..)


No, this is a rant about an Attorney General from Michigan who shares a thinly veiled, but highly polarized world view with a terrorist group with a readily apparent highly polarized world view...


Take away is this, Bill Schuette is Darth Vader, doing immense evil for decades, in the hopes that his body count will be wiped away by one final act of sacrifice to acheive the grace of redemption.

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In the end, the renagade Attorney General, Mr. Bill, will be dealt with by the court of appeals, and when the Recall effort is successful, he will be completely erased from relevance. No matter how much he wishes it so, he cannot change the law without a Super Majority, and there is no way a politician will put himself out there in a coming Election year as being against seriously ill Patients ability safe Access to MMJ, We would rightfully vote them out of office Immediately. His evident inability to wish the law different, has spurred this guy to increasingly desperate actions. Mr. Bill will fade into obscurity because of his refusal to uphold the law. His logic is obviously flawed to anybody who tried to follow his . My Teenage Daughter can accept defeat with more grace then he has done with the passing of our law. This is just pouting like a petulent child!


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Yes, I realize this. Other than be an irritation on Schuette's @$$, and probably not even his, more Jan Colton than anybody else.





Yeah, actually it made me feel quite a bit better for posting it. It's probably just a knee-jerk reaction from the paranoia of wearing a red marijuana leaf target in the middle of my back. It probably won't happen again though because I think it got me banned from posting anything else there. Whenever I go there now, I don't see a comment box.


I dont think it annoyed him that much really not hard to remove a facebook post...

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