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18 Crazy Facts Which Show That No Nation On Earth Is More Doped Up On Prescription Drugs Than America Is

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18 Crazy Facts Which Show That No Nation on Earth Is MoreDoped Up on Prescription Drugs Than America Is


End of the American Dream



Approximately thesame number of people are arrested for marijuana each year as end up in theemergency room for prescription drug reactions. About 3/4 million.






Anyone that comes to visit America may notice that most ofus walk around like a bunch of zombies. Well, the truth is that this is becauseabout half of us are completely doped up on prescription drugs. In America, wedon't just take pills if we are sick. In this day and age, the pharmaceuticalcompanies have come up with a pill for just about everything. If we are feelinga little sad, we are told to just pop a pill. If we are feeling a little bit ofpain, we are told to just pop a pill. If our children like to run around andplay, we are told that giving them the right pills will settle them down. Everysingle year, prescription drug use in America increases, and there are dozensof different pharmaceutical companies that are making billions of dollars offof our "legal" addiction to drugs. The funny thing is that many ofthese "legal" drugs are only just the slightest bit different frommany of the "illegal" drugs that are being sold out on the streets.But because they have "government approval", the big pharmaceuticalcompanies can relentlessly peddle them to the American public. Many of thesedrugs are very damaging to our health, many of them are very damaging to ourability to think and many of them are extremely addictive.



The following are 18 crazy facts which show that no nationon earth is more doped up on prescription drugs than America is....



#1 According to the CDC, the percentage of Americans thatsay that they have taken a prescription drug within the last month has risen toalmost 50 percent.




#2 The percentage of Americans that say that they have takentwo or more prescription drugs within the last month has risen to 31 percent,and the percentage of Americans that say that they have taken five or moreprescription drugs within the last month has risen to 11 percent.



#3 If you can believe it, the CDC also says thatapproximately 9 out of every 10 Americans that are at least 60 years of age saythat they have taken at least one prescription drug within the last month.



#4 According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 25percent of all kids and teens in the United States take prescription drugs on aregular basis.



#5 One brand new study has found that more than 20 percentof all American adults are taking at least one drug for "psychiatric"or "behavioral" disorders.



#6 A recent Government Accountability Office reportshockingly discovered that approximately one-third of all foster children inthe United States are on at least one psychiatric drug.



In fact, the report found that many states seem to be dopingup foster children as a matter of course. Just check out these stunningstatistics....




In Texas, foster children were 53 times more likely to beprescribed five or more psychiatric medications at the same time thannon-foster children. In Massachusetts, they were 19 times more likely. InMichigan, the number was 15 times. It was 13 times in Oregon. And in Florida,foster children were nearly four times as likely to be given five or more psychotropicmedications at the same time compared to non-foster children.



#7 The percentage of women taking antidepressants in Americais higher than in any other country in the world.



#8 Children in the United States are three times more likelyto be prescribed antidepressants than children in Europe are.



#9 The total number of Americans taking antidepressantsdoubled between 1996 and 2005.



#10 According to the CDC, approximately three quarters of amillion people a year are rushed to emergency rooms in the United Statesbecause of adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs.



#11 It has been reported that approximately 200,000Americans a year are killed by prescription drugs.




#12 According to the Los Angeles Times, drug deaths (mostlycaused by prescription drugs) are climbing at an astounding rate....



Drug fatalities more than doubled among teens and youngadults between 2000 and 2008, years for which more detailed data are available.Deaths more than tripled among people aged 50 to 69, the Times analysis found.In terms of sheer numbers, the death toll is highest among people in their 40s.



#13 According to the National Household Survey on DrugAbuse, 36 million Americans have abused prescription drugs at some point intheir lives.



#14 A survey conducted for the National Institute on DrugAbuse found that more than 15 percent of all U.S. high school seniors abuseprescription drugs.



#15 The CDC says that spending on prescription drugs morethan doubled between 1999 and 2008.



#16 Prescription drugs cost about 50% more in the UnitedStates than they do in other countries.



#17 Each year, tens of billions of dollars is spent onpharmaceutical marketing in the United States alone.




#18 There were more than two dozen pharmaceutical companiesthat made over a billion dollars in profits during 2008.



But of course prescription drugs are only part of the reasonwhy most of us in America walk around like a bunch of zombies.



Sadly, many of us are addicted to other kinds of drugs aswell....



The United States has the highest rate of illegal drug useon the entire planet.


According to a recent Gallup poll, alcohol consumption inthe United States has hit a 25 year high.


In this country, many of us are also highly addicted toentertainment. In fact, the United States is tied with the U.K. for the mosthours of television watched per person each week.


So if it seems like many of us in America can't think realclearly, now you know why.



A song by Chris Rene that was been viewed more than 9million times on YouTube asks this question....



"Hey, young homie what you trippin’ on?"




Well, it turns out that almost everyone in America is"trippin" on something.



We have become a nation of addicts.



Instead of stepping up and dealing with life, many of uswould rather just "check out" and find something that will make us"feel better" right away.



The saddest thing of all is what we are doing to ourchildren. We are raising an entire generation that just thinks that it is"normal" to be doped up on prescription drugs.



Yes, a lot of people are becoming very wealthy by peddlingall of this junk, but at what cost?



As noted earlier, every single year prescription drug use inAmerica increases. At what point will we become so doped up that we won't evenbe able to function properly as a nation any longer?



Reprinted with permission from End of the American Dream.




December 5, 2011



Copyright © 2011 End of the American Dream



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I think that we are driven to escapism due to the way our government keeps us half crazy. Chasing the American Dream, most of us knew it was only a carrot on the end of a string. Every time we get too close they pull the rug out from under. Get us in some kinda crazy war. Invent a financial crises and deflate the only real part of it Property Ownership.


We've come a long way really , everybody used to drink alcohol and get stupid. I think you need to consider it an evolutionary advancement ?



Except now we're peeing out drugs instead of the Ethyl alcohol. Don't know how they are affecting the environment...

Edited by solabeirtan
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A couple of months ago, a doctor suggest something to me. When I questioned him about it, he told me how cool the TV ad was.


I hope you're joking, or that the doc was. If not, then if you want you can come see me for medical advice, $200/hour Purklize GED. I can write for Benadryl, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. :thumbsu:

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