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Renewal Message From State

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Have heard through several patients, though I have not seen, the State is sending notes with patients renewal cards that they are only allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana and police cannot take it. Something to that effect, has any one heard or seen this? Or actually have proof? Dont think I will ever receive my renewal card, this is taking longer than last year.


On a side note, RecallBill.com

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Can an online petition be used in a recall?


No, you must physically sign those petitions. Each name is checked for accuracy. The address must be correct, petition signature must match voters registration card on file. They look for any reason to discredit the signature to lessen the amount of accepted signatures. DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH ONLINE RECALL PETITIONS FOR RECALLS.

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No. The signature must be witnessed by a petitioner. Then the petition has to be completed by the petitioner.


Check this Recall Doc on the Recall Bill Schuette Facebook page.


The site is aimed to draw awareness and another resource to capture data to alert those of recall locations after Dec 7th. Folks should certainly find information about formal signature drives in front of approved petitioners. We can do this.


Thank you for the letter sent from the State, some interesting information enclosed in there.

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